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Dr. Cliston Cole Receives AFOSR Summer Faculty Award

The SFFP offers fellowships to university faculty to conduct research at one of the Air Force research facilities in the summer. The objectives of the Summer Faculty Fellowship Program are to:

1.  stimulate professional relationships among SFFP fellows and the scientists and engineers in AFRL Technical Directorates and other Air Force
research facilities;

2.  elevate the awareness in the U.S. academic community of Air Force research needs and foster continued research at SFFP fellows’ institutions; and

3.  provide the faculty opportunities to perform high-quality research at AFRL Technical Directorates and other Air Force research facilities.

SFFP fellows conduct research in collaboration with Air Force researchers for a continuous summer period of eight to twelve weeks at the Technical Directorates of the Air Force Research Laboratory, the US Air Force Academy, or the Air Force Institute of Technology.

A final report is required at the completion of the summer appointment.

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