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U.S. Cyber Command Strengthens Ties with HBCUs to Foster Cybersecurity Excellence

U.S. Cyber Command continues to make significant strides in bolstering diversity and excellence in cybersecurity education through its on-going collaboration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The Academic Engagement Network, established by USCYBERCOM, aims to create a more inclusive and equitable cyber community through partnerships. Recognizing the critical role of diversity in addressing the complex challenges of cyberspace, the AEN actively engages with HBCUs and colleges serving diverse student populations. By doing so, it seeks to expand representation and introduce students to the rewarding careers available in cybersecurity.

Recently, USCYBERCOM’s AEN engaged with Morgan State University (MSU), a trailblazer in cybersecurity education. Dr. Kevin T. Kornegay, a professor in cybersecurity at MSU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is the director of MSU’s Cybersecurity Assurance and Policy (CAP) Center, positioning the university as a leader in educating Black doctoral students in the critical field of “cyber.”



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