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Sponsored Research

CAP is well-positioned to become a leading Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security because of our skilled experts with research and development projects experience, cutting-edge research laboratories, and solid foundation in undergraduate and graduate and undergraduate. See the diverse list of federally and industry funded projects projects.

Specification-based anomaly detection for embedded devices

Security and Privacy in the Lifecycle of IoT for Consumer Environments (SPLICE)

SPLICE research addresses issues important to these stakeholders, including (1) situational awareness for Smart-Home residents through new approaches that discover, identify, and locate both cooperative and non-cooperative devices, and discover information flows from such devices; (2) novel interfaces and discovery techniques that enable a new approach to privacy management, one that shifts the burden from…

NBIOT Device Vulnerabilities in a 5G Environment

CAP Scholars Program

The DoD CySP is designed to encourage the recruitment of the nation’s top cyber talent and the retention of DoD personnel who have skills necessary to meet DoD’s workforce demand and help secure our nation against threats of information systems and networks. The scholarship supports students in pursuit of a cyber-related degree at National Centers…

Autonomous Intelligent Cyber Defence Agents (AICA)

Autonomous Intelligent Cyber Defense Agent (AICA) A Comprehensive Guide, Springer, ISBN 978-3-031-29269-9, 2023, Editon 1 Editor: Alexander Kott Chapter 4: Perception of Cyber Threats

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