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$300K NSF Grant Awarded to Dr. Onyema Osuagwu

Congratulations to Dr. Onyema Osuagwu for his newly funded research and development project entitled “EIR: A Unified Theoretical Framework for Zero Trust Architectures”. The proposed effort involves: 1) conducting research and development of the mathematical rules and bounds to accurately encapsulate all the requirements needed to achieve a “True Zero Trust” architecture for a networked environment, 2) prototyping, building, testing and attacking the “True Zero-Trust” networks and compare them to other standards, 3) verifying the “True Zero-Trust” architecture at scale during varied attack scenarios under high utilization stress, and 4) developing an “Equation of State” for the systems that provides a “Figure of Merit” when judging the security of the systems. This work is strongly aligned with the CISE Directorate’s mission in particular the CCF program’s Foundations of Emerging Technology thrust and the SaTC Program.

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