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National Microelectronics Security Training (MEST) Center

Microelectronics security and trust have become essential and significant components of cybersecurity. National Microelectronics Security Training Center (MEST) is a program that is planning and developing comprehensive training programs in microelectronics design and security.

Distinctive aspects of the MEST program include:

  • Collaboration between multiple universities.
  • Establishing an ecosystem of training modules and options to suit the need for diverse government and industry employees.
  • Strong emphasis on hands-on learning. This includes teaching state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools (CAD) and hands-on hardware design, hacking, and countermeasure tools.
  • Major courses and certificate programs
  • Comprehensive coverage of all security topics – devices and architectures to integrated circuits, platforms, and large systems.
  • Offering major courses and certificate programs for the nation.
  • Self-learning kits for hardware and systems security topics are available for remote training and busy professionals.
  • Training materials are available on a secure cloud via TSS.

Please visit the MEST Website for more details.

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