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CAP Center Featured for Science/AAAS

With two centers focused on AI technology and cybersecurity, Morgan State University (MSU) is poised to level the playing field for students and users of the technology…

…With the advent of the Internet of Things, hacking one device can compromise everything connected to it. “Think about how many of these connected devices you encounter throughout the day,” says CAP Center Director Kevin Kornegay. “Since everything’s connected to everything, you’re not safe anymore.” But the CAP Center, which was established in 2018, is looking to change that.

Increasingly, devices themselves are analyzing and computing data at “the edge” instead of sending big datasets back to central processing centers. That provides a huge time savings, allowing cars, thermostats, and similar products to respond in real time. But this can be risky, since distributing data across more devices means more possible targets for hackers, and some devices aren’t secure out-of-the-box.


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